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Wise Woman Coaching

Holistic coaching for women who are open to exploring the universe to support growth and connection


About Stepheni

Stepheni Mendez is a counseling-trained people manager, with experience in various types of divination, crystal work, and meditation. 

Wise Woman Coaching was born out of Stepheni's desire to use her training, experiences, and intuition to help others find more clarity along their own paths. A product designer and people manager by trade, she became interested in the tarot and decided to dive into learning how to read cards. During her journey, she became aware of many mystical topics. Exploring past lives, lunar and astrological awareness, and other forms of divination became a significant part of her life. 

Stepheni's approach to coaching marries her background in psychology and mentorship with mystical topics and methods to create a holistic, growth-centered support for her clients.

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